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Competitive Series: ChampBot Kit

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Score the ultimate robotics kit today with the Competitive Series: ChampBot Kit. This kit invites kids to take their STEM education skills to the court by programming robots like ChampBot, BasketBot, and ScoreBot to shoot and score points – with precision. With three servo motors, two DC motors, and an IR sensor, this kit is designed to bring fans to the STEM field with competitive fun and learning. It’s time to build, code, and compete like a pro!

  • Access to the Competitive Series: ChampBot Integrated STEM Curriculum for at-home, classroom, or hybrid STEM learning
  • Kids can compete like a pro by taking on the challenge of building each one of the three different robots – ChampBot, BasketBot or ScoreBot.
  • Challenge your students’ block-based coding skills by shooting baskets into the buildable basketball hoop or knocking down one of the included target cards.
  • 522 snap-together interlocking parts and connectors plus three smooth motion robotic servo motors for real hands-on STEM learning
  • Create custom actions with the Pose, Record, Play (PRP) function.
  • No tools required – our 3-D, 360-degree animated building instructions make assembling robots easy

Competitive Series: ChampBot Integrated STEM Curriculum

Jump in to how vehicles and robotic automation have shaped the current world. Students discuss the benefits and drawbacks of autonomous vehicles and how they shaped society as it is today. Students will also be introduced to the design challenge using the Competitive Series: ChampBot Kit.

Today, robotic vehicles are prevalent in society in many ways, from driverless cars to delivery bots to space vehicles. What is the long-term outlook for their benefits to humankind? Are there drawbacks as well? In this course, students will start off with discussing how robotic vehicles might be useful to society and how they might be harmful.

From there, students will build an obstacle course that models their chosen scenario and will program ChampBot to maneuver through it. Teams at school or individuals at home should be assigned points for speed, efficiency, creativity, and adherence to constraints of the obstacle course.

ChampBot Kit Lesson Outline

  • Lesson 1 – Who is Driving: What is the relationship between the form and function in robotics?
  • Lesson 2 – Stay the Course: How can robots be controlled to solve problems?
  • Lesson 3 – Off to the Races: How can robots be automated to complete tasks?
  • Lesson 4 – Take a Shot: How can robots be used for creative purposes?
  • Lesson 5 – How can different applications of robots be used together to solve big problems?

ChampBot + AI Implementation Guide

The all-inclusive ChampBot Kit and AI implementation guide for educators covers all school scenarios.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to STEM education, this guide has been created as a reference tool for educators seeking insight into how to implement the UBTECH Education curriculum in different scenarios. This guide will provide insight into best practices and offer suggestions for utilizing UBTECH curriculum and tools in an ever-changing educational climate.

This guide will outline the three most common implementation scenarios currently being considered by school districts: in person, virtual, and hybrid.

Jimu Robot App

The Jimu Robot app connects with the ChampBot Kit seamlessly and makes it easy to build, program, and bring to life every Jimu Robot kit creation. The Jimu Robot system supports teachers and students to expand their robotics and STEM learning.

  • Quick access to any pre-built models included with the kit
  • Advanced 3-D, 360-degree modeling system supports students through each build
  • Simple Blockly-based, drag-and-drop programming
  • PRP tool lets students easily program motors, lights, and sensors
  • Flexible functionality lets students imagine and design their own models

Competitive Series: ChampBot Kit is STEM.org Authenticated™ and integrates well into STEM-friendly homes and programs.


Type: Project Kits, Robotics Sets Grades: 3-8


What You'll Get

  • Access to digitally delivered integrated STEM education curriculum for teaching in classrooms or online
  • 522 snap-together parts to build three different robots
  • 1 main control box
  • 2 DC motors
  • 3 smooth motion robotic servo motors
  • 1 IR sensor
  • 3 sports balls + 1 basketball hoop
  • 1 decoration sticker sheet



  • Number of Pieces: 520+
  • Students Served: 1

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