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Precut Dragster Pack

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Don’t let a lack of power tools sideline your plans for CO2 dragster activities – get the green flag by using these Precut Dragster Kits!

Great for those with limited or no access to power tools, these kits offer the excitement and learning experiences of building and racing a CO2 dragster. You can cover aerodynamics, force, motion, acceleration, and other concepts.

Includes 32 complete Precut Dragster Kits – eight each of the four designs.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • 32 Precut Dragster Blank Kits
    • Precut Dragster Blanks
    • Axle bushings
    • Px large wheels
    • Lx small wheels 
    • Steel axles
    • Screw eyes
    • Brass washers
    • CO2 cartridges

Learning Values

  • Acceleration
  • Aerodynamic drag
  • Potential/kinetic energy
  • Finishing
  • Friction reduction
  • Construction techniques
  • Design process
  • Design aesthetics
  • Problem-solving
  • Calculating speed
  • Tolerances
  • Symmetry


  • Tools Required: Finishing tools
  • Students Served: 32
  • Material: Basswood
  • Tools and Materials Required: Coping saw or work rasp, finish, and race system

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