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Measurement & Prediction STEM Unit

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Measurement and prediction are the foundational elements of STEM research. In this three-week unit, students explore these elements while participating in lively experiments. First, they build a tissue paper parachute and determine the load capacity, velocity, and acceleration of the parachute. In a fun – and potentially messy – challenge, students design their own parachutes to safely transport an egg to the floor. Then, students stretch their learning potential by completing several model bungee jump experiments while exploring Hooke’s law, properties of materials, and the use of scatter graphs for predicting outcomes.

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Type: Multi-Student STEM Units and Courses Grades: 6-8


Latex Warning: This product contains latex and when in contact with skin it might result in an allergic reaction.

SDS Sheets

What You'll Get

  • Measurement & Prediction Scope and Sequence
  • Parachutes Teacher's Guide
  • Perilous Plunge Activity Guide
  • Dr. Zoon Parachutes Video
  • Properties of Measurement video
  • 12 parachute gore patterns
  • 300 tissue paper sheets
  • 36 binder clips
  • 30 plastic bags


Learning Values

  • Hooke's law
  • Experiment
  • Acceleration
  • Aerodynamic drag
  • Attributes of design
  • Data graphing
  • Patterns
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Data collection
  • Design process
  • Materials strength
  • Structural engineering
  • Calculating velocity
  • Calculating acceleration
  • Load capacity
  • Scatter graphs


  • Students Served: 24
  • Length of Unit: 3 weeks
  • Note: This product contains latex.

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