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TeacherGeek: Maker Cart 2.0

SKU: W45643
$7,800.00 (USD)
Availability: Available.This product has a 45-day lead time after order placement.
Notice: Drop-ship


Roll the Maker Cart into your classroom for the ultimate STEM/STEAM solution. With more than 60 STEM projects and almost every TeacherGeek component, this cart can support hundreds of kids. It comes with a pallet of replacement supplies and tools to create almost any project. The sign is dry erase, so you can color it your way. This is NGSS aligned and appropriate for Grades 3-12.

What will your students make with the cart? Here are a few examples: rubber band racers, electromagnet cranes, hovercrafts, judo-bots or sumo-bots, terrariums, water filters, trebuchets, ramp-roll vehicles, straw rocket shooters, and many more inventions! Note: This product has a 45-day lead time.


Type: Furniture and Storage Grades: K-12




  • Lead Time: 45 days

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