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Mag Sailer Kit

SKU: W38158
A Pitsco Exclusive


Test out different sail designs without going near water! The Mag Sailer provides a way to design and test the characteristics of sails while utilizing your maglev track. Make this vehicle with one or two sails, make different sail shapes, center them or put one or two at the front or back – choose one of many variables to test. Then, blow them down the track using a consistent source such as a small fan or hair dryer.

Includes enough magnets, chassis, dowels, self-adhesive tabs, and O-rings needed for one sail car.

Note: The Mag Sailer cannot be electrified; it can be used only on gravity tracks.

Looking for fun activities to accompany these materials? Download the Maglev Elementary STEM Activity Guide for free here.


Type: Project Kits Grades: 3-12



  • Assembly Method: Cutting and gluing
  • Tools Required: Maglev II Track, fan or hair dryer, HD Bond II, and scissors

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