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Fusion Body Blanks

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Our Fusion Body Blank is built for a lightweight car that will really zoom down the track!

The high-density foam of the Fusion blanks can be formed and finished very similar to wood by using power tools or hand tools. The mass of the Pitsco Fusion Body Blank is approximately equivalent to lightweight balsa wood blanks and is uniformly distributed throughout the body of the blank. This blank includes a predrilled hole for the CO2 cartridge.

Each blank is within ±8 grams of the 85-gram overall mass. The blanks are made of high-density polyurethane foam and are molded to exact standards, so every student has an equal starting point for their dragster. This structural integrity has an advantage over wood grain in that it enables you to utilize designs that have thicker parts or features without making the dragster heavy.

Note: It is recommended to use a clear, water-based sealant on your dragster body before painting. If not using a sealant, use a water-based paint for best results.

Officially approved by the Technology Student Association (TSA) for use in CO2 dragster competition!


Type: Materials and Supplies/Wood Pieces and Blanks Grades: 6-12




  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Polyurethane foam

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