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Current Opportunities

Published August 30, 2017

Ready and waiting! Each month, we assess available grants and assemble a list of current opportunities. Be sure to check back each month for the latest findings. Here are the September 2018 Grant Funding Leads. View the Grant Funding Leads archive.

“A female student came in to my 8th grade class, complaining about not feeling well. I asked her why she just didn’t stay home. The answer I received almost made me cry and i’ve heard it over and over (with Pitsco labs). My student told me, “I wanted to come to this class today — I really like it.” I’ve shared this story with all my administrators. If this program keeps kids in school, I’m all about it!”

– Jacqueline Thompson, STEM lab teacher, Bertie Middle School, Bertie County, North Carolina

We enable young learners to develop the mind-set, skill set, and tool set needed for future success.

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