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Drone Industry Field Elements Kit

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Engineered for drone competition, this package allows for construction and flight of three flight scenarios.

  • The objective of Flight Scenario 1 is to find hidden objects. Team communication is necessary for successful completion of this scenario. These objects can be under, between, or on top of some structure or object. The object has an indicator, such as number or colored sticker, that the drone has to be able to photograph and relay to the drone operator. This indicator corresponds to a landing pad that the operator must then navigate the drone to and land on.
  • The objective of the second flight scenario is to find an object mixed in with similar objects. The drone will need to inspect and locate the object and knock it over.
  • The objective of Flight Scenario 3 is to fly to an object that is at least six feet tall. The course includes multiple landing pads. Each of these landing pads has a different difficulty level. Each landing pad has a small target. Flight skills are proven based on the pilot’s ability to land the drone on less accessible landing pads, on smaller landing pads, and centered on the landing pads.

NOTE: This package was created for use in the SkillsUSA® Commercial sUAS (Drone) Competition but can be used for classroom use as well.

Assembly required. Please account for 2+ hours of assembly.


Type: Materials and Supplies, Tools and Equipment Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

Materials to build three field elements:

  • 17 pipes
  • 4 T connectors
  • 8 elbow connectors
  • 17 table base caps
  • 8 orange pool noodles
  • 54 screws
  • 54 hex nuts
  • 4 square landing platforms
  • PVC pipe cutter tool
  • Red acrylic target
  • Blue acrylic target
  • Green acrylic target
  • 3 round landing platforms
  • 4 red plastic buckets
  • 3 cross connectors
  • 12 five-way cross connectors
  • 4 four-way corner connectors
  • 6 blue foam golf balls
  • 2 yellow foam golf balls

Assembly required.