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Take the competition by storm with TorqueNADO™! Superior performance, built-in encoder, designed for teams

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Featured Videos

Introducing TETRIX MAX TorqueNADO Motor
Take a close look at an incredibly powerful competition robotics motor with built-in encoder. RoboBench host Tim Lankford describes Pitsco’s new TorqueNADO™ motor with high resolution built-in encoder and then shows builds demonstrating the encoder and torque.
Date Added 11/08/2017
Applying the Rack and Pinion Linear Slide
The TETRIX ® Rack & Pinion Linear Slide Pack, which is compatible with MAX or PRIME robots, is a flexible pack that enables builders to create robots that need to convert rotational motion to linear motion for various reasons. RoboBench Host Tim Lankford demonstrates how to use this part to its fullest potential.
Date Added 4/09/2015
Adding Tank Treads to Your Builds
One of the most popular additions to the TETRIX ® robotics system is the tank tread kit. Learn some uses for the versatile part that converts rotational motion into linear motion, including drive systems or conveyor belt systems.
Date Added 4/09/2015
Competition Tip: Making the Pivot Bracket Longer
We love seeing the innovations of robotics competitors. In this video, Tim shares a tip from the World Robot Olympiad’s 2016 Danish team for creating a longer TETRIX ® MAX pivot bracket when using it with the double servo bracket. It’s an ingenious way to get a longer lever, and we encourage you to check it out!
Date Added 12/15/2016
Learning to Use the Worm Gear
TETRIX ® Worm Gears are specialty parts, but they’re one you’ll want to have. They are helpful when creating lift arms, grippers, and other robotic subassemblies. Watch to learn about these gears and to see tips for using them.
Date Added 4/14/2016
MAX Advanced Gear Pack 101
Coding in the classroom is easier than ever with the TETRIX ® PRIZM ® Robotics Controller that uses the Arduino Software (IDE) platform. Want to know all the details? TETRIX designer Paul Uttley discusses all the PRIZM features with RoboBench’s Tim Lankford.
Date Added 9/14/2016
MAX Structure Pack 101
The MAX Structure Pack is the ideal way to beef up your structure-building abilities for TETRIX ® robots and other projects. Learn the benefits of the different structure parts that are included: channels and flats in every length, brackets, bars, and more.
Date Added 9/14/2016
MAX Wheel Pack and Hub and Axle Pack 101
Get your robots rolling with these two TETRIX ® MAX parts packs. In the wheel pack, there are two sizes of both the regular wheels and the omni wheels, plus a set of all-terrain tires. In the hub and axle pack, you get 109 pieces, including D-shaped axles, axle hubs, set collars, bushings, and more.
Date Added 9/14/2016

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Accessible and challenging robotics competition with FIRST Tech Challenge

Robotics competitions are within the reach of every school and every student with FIRST Tech Challenge. It’s easy to get started and affordable to maintain, but it provides deep and rich experiences with robotics technology while helping students build teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that will last a lifetime.