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Pitsco’s Echo Drone fills the educational gap

New Section 889-compliant drone available to teach CTE and technology skills

Published January 22, 2024

PITTSBURG, KS (January 22, 2024) – Pitsco Education’s drone continuum has been strengthened with the addition of its new proprietary drone: the Echo. The Echo Drone appears on the market in a time when affordable indoor drones are hard to come by for educators and hobbyists alike (e.g., the Chinese corporation DJI has discontinued their educational hardware line), so Pitsco is proud to provide a solution for Grades 6-12+ classrooms, clubs, and competitions.

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Drones are more than a hot topic in education. This technology delivers engaging, future-relevant learning for all ages. Drones expose learners to employability skills – flight vocabulary, physics, and soft skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. And, the list of jobs utilizing such skills is always growing. Pathways can be found in aviation, agriculture, construction, entertainment, oil and gas, marketing, and the military.

The Echo Drone fits the bill to teach all this and more. Weighing only 222 g, smaller than 7 in. x 7 in., and with a flight time of 10 minutes, the Echo is the right size for indoor flight and does not require registration with the FAA for use. Each drone includes an R/C controller in the box, making it perfect for out-of-the-box flying. Downloading an app enables advanced learners to transition from R/C control to block-based or Scratch coding navigation. The app also employs the drone’s onboard camera, which transmits images and video to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Plus, the drone is compliant for schools to use nationwide.

The Echo’s user guide is available for free download, making the drone a blank slate for classroom use. Plus, the drone is compatible with Pitsco’s Flight Guide curriculum options for educators who need a starting point. Students participating in competitions such as the SkillsUSA®: Commercial sUAS (Drone) Competition will find the Echo to be a great hardware option, as it fits the contest specifications and is an affordable alternative to larger commercial drones.


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“I’ve always been more of a traditional teacher, and this [using the T-Bot® II to teach Algebra 2] got me out of my comfort zone. But this generation of kids, if you do not make that application, they’re doing it just because I’m assigning it. So now they’re making the connection. . . . They have something to tie it back to.”

– Beatrice Villarreal, algebra teacher, Somerset High School, Somerset, Texas

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