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Kids invest a lot of time, heart, and hope in the construction of competitive CO2 dragsters. Protect that investment with our Competition Carrier, a hard-on-the-outside, cushiony-on-the-inside carrying case for one dragster. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, it features securely fastening snap closures and molded handles for convenient carrying.

Inside the case rests a thick foam cushion scored into multiple 1/4" x 1/4" x 1-1/2" sections. Each section can be removed to hollow out a space that fits the contours of almost any vehicle design. When safely nestled in its foam cushion, the dragster is covered with a foam pad, adding another layer of protection for a vehicle on its way to a competitive event.

Outside dimensions: 12" H (at the handle) x 14" L x 3-1/3" W. Inside dimensions: 8-1/2" H x 12-3/4" L x 2-3/4" W.

$19.95 $14.96

With Servo Commander, any animatronic device built with standard hobby servos can be programmed to move without a computer!

Simply connect batteries and up to five servos to the circuit board, rotate the controls in the direction you wish the servos to move, and press a button to save the sequence of movements. More sequences that involve all or some of the servos, up to a total of 51, can be saved. After programming is finished, switch on the circuit board and watch the animatron execute its moves!

Servo Commander is fully assembled and includes a servo motor, 9 V battery, rechargeable four-cell battery pack, circuit board, and instructions. Additional servos sold separately.

$149.00 $69.00

Designing and constructing boxes is quick and easy with the Boxmaker fixtures!

For making telescoping boxes; students choose the dimensions of the box (length, width, and depth) and use the scoring tool with the corresponding channels in the Boxmaker fixture to accurately score the box for folding. Glue or tape can be used to secure the box after it is folded. Then, students use the opposite side of the fixture to produce the lid for the box.

This fixture can also be used for manual scoring of more intricate box folds and patterns by drawing the position of the folds on the card stock and using the scoring tool above a channel in the fixture to provide a straight score every time.

The Boxmaker Mini Kit fixture is 4" x 6". A polycarbonate scoring tool and instructions are included with each kit.

$19.00 $5.95

Cast iron Support Rings for use with the Ring Stand. Available in 4" and 5" sizes. Both have a clamp.

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The flask of choice for slow evaporation and reduced “tipability,” this Erlenmeyer flask is made of borosilicate glass. Holds 250 milliliters.

$3.75 $2.80

Its 16 ounces of sterile isotonic saline solution effectively flushes irritants. Mount anywhere – requires no plumbing.

$29.95 $22.50

Made of borosilicate glass, these beakers are perfect for heating. They have the optimum balance between thermal resistance and mechanical resistance due to their controlled wall thickness at the sides, radius, and bottom. Spout makes for clean pouring.

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Heavy-duty tubing cutter for cutting the 5/8" diameter structural tubing for TETRIX® robots. The all-metal construction of this cutter makes it easy to cut tubing lengths precisely and with ease. The cutting diameter range is 3/16"-7/8".

$38.00 $28.50

Great for building Formula One or Custom Cruiser cars, these high-speed, straight-shank bits are made of steel. Use the 5/32" bit if you plan to use straw bushings and the 1/4" bit for axle bushings.


A handy, one-handed speed-cutting-and-trimming tool. Die-cast, zinc-alloy body. Furnished with fine steel blade.

$4.50 $3.35

This precut vertical axis wind turbine is easy to assemble so you can focus on demonstrating how this unusual-looking turbine works to convert wind into energy.

Features an injection-molded base, precut plastic wind blades, and rare earth magnets. The built-in LED shows you that the wind turbine is working – or connect it to a multimeter, sold separately. Built model measures 204 mm x 145 mm x 145 mm.

$52.00 $39.00

A/C adapter for the SpeedTrac X Personal Radar speed detector.

$20.00 $15.00

Sta-Clear Cleaning Tissues are formulated and treated for cleaning safety glasses and goggles and prevent fogging. No special solution is required – just water.

$19.95 $14.96