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Using a simple salt solution, see how to make a battery that creates an electron flow to light an LED. This program shows you how while explaining the science behind it all. Finally, learn how to do several experiments with the ElectroLight Battery, including testing different variables such as salt water strength and whether substances other than salt water will light the LED.

$24.95 $12.95

Energy – we use it every day and it’s all around us, but how well do we really understand it? With Earth’s Energy, young students will learn the importance of the energy available on Earth and how we gather that energy for use. This DVD includes four segments: Sources of Energy, Electricity, Magnetism, and Solar Energy.

$69.95 $52.50

Shine a new light on the periodic table! These two programs look at how we use elements in creative ways – from exploring the use of platinum in catalytic converters to discussing the role of tungsten in the development of the lightbulb.

$59.95 $32.95

In Energy Resources: Use & Conservation, students learn that we can harvest the power of nature from a variety of sources all around us: the Sun, wind, and water; the atom; energy stored in fossil fuels; and the very heat of the planet itself!

They discover what life was like before people learned to harness electrical energy and how energy-rich fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas helped fire the Industrial Revolution. They learn why these powerful energy resources are nonrenewable and in jeopardy of being used up as global energy consumption continues to rise.

Students are encouraged to play an active role in energy conservation and harness energy from the Sun by creating their own solar-powered oven. Part of the multivolume Energy in Action Video Series. Teacher’s guide included.

$39.95 $29.95

Follow along as 20 teams from leading colleges compete to design, build, and demonstrate the operation of the most energy-efficient and attractive home they can create. See the complete process, from finding corporate sponsors to completing construction.

$99.95 $74.96

Take students on a wide-ranging tour of space that includes looks at astronomy and the technology that enables solar system exploration and study. Includes four feature segments.

  • Rockets – Explores the history of rockets and the contributions the US-Soviet space race made to today’s technology.
  • Exploring Space – Considers the challenges of space travel and of living thousands of kilometers away from Earth.
  • Night and Day – Explains why the Sun appears to rise and set, giving us the experience of night and day.
  • Life on Mars? – Examines clues that have led some scientists to believe that life might once have existed on the red planet.

$69.95 $52.50

“The itsy-bitsy computer climbed up the redwood tree.” Could this be a nursery rhyme of the future? Find out as you visit the world of nanotechnology. This program demonstrates how the science of building ultrasmall electronic circuits and devices will help industry, medicine, and even researchers studying the endangered redwood trees.

$69.95 $39.95

Embark on a fun-filled journey and learn about lift, gravity, thrust, drag, air pressure, and the key ideas put forth by Daniel Bernoulli. Meet important people in aviation history and view real-life demonstrations of important concepts. Includes a hands-on activity that kids can do themselves.

$39.95 $29.96

If your students get loopy over roller coasters, they’ll be psyched for Roller Coaster Physics. It uncovers not only how friction, potential energy, gravity, and acceleration combine to create thrill rides but also how the g-forces of roller coasters affect the human body to make us love – or dread – them.

Includes a teacher’s guide with discussion questions, a lesson plan, vocabulary, and addressed national science standards.

$69.95 $39.95

Roller coasters might seem dangerous, but it is truly an illusion. Engineers use the latest technology to design rides that are both thrilling and safe.

$59.95 $39.95