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Early Learning

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Getting an early start with coding
Operation Breakthrough is a nationally accredited nonprofit that has served Kansas City since 1971. They are mission driven to provide hands-on learning experiences with supportive teacher interactions. From the earliest ages, students are offered a range of activities and focuses. Each new chance can spark curiosity and interest in fields they might not have otherwise considered. The classrooms are safe places to experiment, fail, and try again. Students are encouraged and coached. By using developmentally appropriate products like Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot, students are building mindset, skill set, and opportunity with each experience. From its inception to present day, Operation Breakthrough continues to break down barriers and champion kids. Their community partnerships and focused work provide enriching, high-quality STEM experiences early in life, giving all children the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
Date Added 3/14/2022

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Give every child a reason to love learning

We know that little learners learn BIG through hands-on discovery and exploration. Anything hands on in early learning is going to address a child’s perceptual, motor, and physical development, and because hands-on learning is collaborative in nature, collaboration with peers addresses social, emotional, and language development as well.