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Code Cube

Code You Can Wear

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No-Fear Coding

It’s a simple and approachable way to integrate coding without any fear.

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Beginner Friendly

Code Cube has a limited number of hardware components to manage, an appropriate number of streamlined software commands, and a web-based software that works on many devices.

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Code in Fewer Than 5 Minutes

Open the box, load the web-based software, plug in your device, and start coding.

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Classroom Ready

It comes with teacher-tested and -approved classroom activities and quick-start guide.

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Blends Coding with Artistic Creativity

Both coding and art encourage students to express themselves creatively and also provide a safe medium to take risks and occasionally fail.

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Appealing to All Students

Students can make it whatever they want.

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Learn coding with wearable tech

Code Cube is a beginner-friendly learning tool that takes a unique approach to teaching kids the basics of coding. The programmable wearable specifically developed for elementary students offers a full-color, 64-pixel LED screen with built-in accelerometer and sound output. Students use block-based programming to bring their wearable to life and use sensor inputs and outputs to animate their wearable. Students eventually progress to become more advanced coders, integrating loops and coding their wearable to react to movement. Code Cube shows students they can be more than just consumers of technology — they can actually be the creators behind wearable devices.