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iSprowt Weather & Natural Disasters 10-Pack

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Using the iSprowt Weather & Natural Disasters 10-Pack, students will become meteorologists and get hands on with seasons and the weather in different hemispheres! Each kit has all the materials for two students to complete eight activities, including:

  • Whirl and twirl a tornado.
  • Become a meteorologist and forecast weather.
  • Use chemistry and engineering to build a snowman.
  • Learn about and chart climate in different regions.
  • Build a pinwheel and learn which way the wind is blowing.
  • Create snowflake origami art.
  • Discover what causes a tsunami and build a wave in a bottle.
  • Make a model of an earthquake-resistant structure.

iSprowt’s phenomena-based science kits were developed to nourish children’s lifelong passion for STEM. Low mess and easy prep, these kits are kid tested AND teacher and parent approved! Ensure your young scientists achieve their highest potential in school and in life with iSprowt!

The Workbooks
While students work through activities in pairs, they each receive their own 40-page workbook that empowers them with reading, writing, drawing, predicting, and modeling. The highly engaging workbook is packed with student-friendly background and instructions, a short story featuring the Sprowteez characters, videos, puzzles, and more. The workbook captivates young minds and keeps them engaged while enriching independent learning and working as a team.

Simple Implementation

  • 10-minute prep
  • All materials are included in each kit – you can just open it and go!
  • Low mess and eco-friendly materials
  • Grade 3-5 students can work with very little teacher facilitation. K-2 learners can also thrive using iSprowt kits with educators supporting their learning by reading aloud from the workbooks or using the free iSprowt teacher presentation slides.

NGSS Alignment
Each kit ties to specific NGSS requirements and features hands-on interactivity that sparks curiosity, increases retention, and encourages children to take risks while developing their knowledge. Ensure your young scientists are on their highest track to success while having fun with iSprowt!


Type: Activity Guides and Curriculum/Student Workbooks, Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 3-5


What You'll Get

  • 10 student kits:
    • Tornado-in-a-bottle kit with tornado beads
    • Pinwheel kit
    • Compass rose
    • 2 pieces for snowflake origami art
    • Indoor snowman chemistry set: sodium polyacrylate, 8 oz cup, and disposable plate for easy cleanup
    • Earthquake-resistant building set: biodegradable building blocks, engineering beams, green Earth mantle, and disposable plate for easy cleanup
    • 2 student workbooks
  • Teacher packet:
    • Teacher lesson guide
    • Extra student workbook
    • Blue food coloring



  • Students Served: 20
  • Quantity: 10 kits
  • Brand: iSprowt