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Solid-Fuel Rocket Refill Pack

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A Pitsco Exclusive
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Notice: Rocket Engine


These rocket packs, available with or without engines, are the perfect solution for restocking your Getting Started package and provide enough materials to make 50 rockets.

Please note that rocket engines ship separately and take 3-4 weeks for delivery via USPS. Individuals needing these materials sooner can pay an additional hazard fee to have the items delivered via UPS. To ship via UPS, you must call our customer service team at 800-835-0686 and place your order.

Access the comprehensive Pitsco Rocket Kit Book for rocket building instructions, a short history of rockets, how to use the Pitsco LaunchGuard System, and much more! Download the book for free here.

No curriculum or equipment included.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 6-12


  • California Proposition 65 Warning:

    WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.

SDS Sheets

What You'll Get

  • 50 Model Rocket I sheets
  • 50 launch lugs
  • Red gummed tape
  • 100 centering rings
  • 50 plastic nose cones
  • Pitsco Rocket Kit Books
  • 50 fin material
  • 50 engine tubes
  • 50 rocket parachutes
  • Elastic line
  • 50 engine locks
  • 25 plastic rocket body tubes
  • 50 screw eyes
  • Chute wadding
  • Kite string
  • 400 hole reinforcements
  • 55 A8-3 rocket engines
  • 60 engine igniters
  • 52 F/A8-3 yellow engine plugs


Learning Values

  • Acceleration
  • Center of gravity/pressure
  • Thrust
  • Problem-solving
  • Spin-offs
  • Systems
  • Modeling
  • Safety engineering
  • Technological design
  • Measuring angles/lengths
  • Trigonometric ratios
  • Symmetry


  • Students Served: 50 (Pack includes 50 A8-3 rocket engines and igniters plus a few extras of each.)
  • Note: Rocket engines will be shipped ground only. If your order contains additional items, they will be shipped separately via our normal carrier.
  • Tools and Materials Required: Launcher, scissors, ruler, sponge, finish such as paint, and white glue

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