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STEM Project-Based Learning

Authentic, engaging STEM learning application

Connecting STEM Learning to Local Community

Whole-class, hands-on STEM PBL Units enable students to make STEM connections locally and regionally by completing STEM projects and corresponding STEM PBL Activators. Students also develop lifelong learning skills and transferable STEM knowledge and skills to move them into a future with technological advancements moving at an unprecedented pace.

Project-based learning provides the following benefits:


Project-based learning makes school more like real life. Naturally, STEM projects fit as they are prominently hands on.


Students take ownership of their project and accomplishments within collaborative projects.

Personalization and Flexibility

Units can be implemented stand-alone or in supplement to existing curriculum.

The framework of our STEM PBL Units includes a meaningful STEM challenge, authentic inquiry, student choice, applied development, and public engagement. Additionally, all STEM PBL Units contain 3-D printing connections, career connections, and alignment to the national career clusters.

Take a look at how Pitsco's STEM PBL compares to PBLWorks Gold Standard, HQPBL, and the Legacy Cycle.

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"If you look at how Google hires, Google says, 'we want skill-based hires.' So, industry has been telling us that these are the people who will be successful in the modern workplace. To me, PBL does a better job producing the skills that industry wants."

– Dave Ross, teacher and former P21® CEO and Buck Institute for Education senior director

Utilizing STEM concepts as a foundation in combination with STEM PBL Activators, students gain deeper knowledge through active exploration of authentic and engaging challenges. Students connect learning to local communities and are equipped with workplace-readiness skills.

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STEM PBL Unit Titles

All titles follow a design/redesign structure using the engineering design process, but titles are named and categorized based on their primary focus of creating, researching, sustainability, or tech.

Take a look at how Pitsco's STEM PBL Units align to the National Career Clusters® Framework.

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Through goal-focused communication with an emphasis on student success, our Program Design team of former educators and PBL experts works hand in hand with our educational representatives and your school or district to outline a STEM PBL program that fits into your initiatives – whether it’s implementing one title, providing district-wide STEM PBL professional development, or designing an entire course.

Pitsco Education - Our Programs - Grades 6-9 - STEM PBL Units

STEM PBL Planning

STEM PBL Units provide teachers with a concept map to provide foundational knowledge through activity lesson plans in a variety of STEM topics. Jump-start deeper learning through the provided STEM PBL Activators or create your own program by downloading the STEM PBL Planning Form template.