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The Sky Is Not the Limit

Our FAA Part 107 professional development course is designed to bring unmanned air systems to life while supporting relevance and understanding to many standards that relate to individual career fields. Participants will learn about flight, physics, weather, and all other topics needed to become a certified commercial drone pilot. This course allows for collaboration with peers and well-trained instructors. Participants will prep for the FAA Part 107 exam and also gain practical knowledge and experiences to become more confident and safe while operating a commercial drone.

Pitsco Education - Our Programs - Grades 11-12 - FAA Certification - Professional Development

3 Types of Professional Development

We want to provide the best experience for you, so we’ve got options!

4 weeks online including a hands-on flight day
3 days on-site at your school
5 days on-site at your school

What Sets Our Services Apart?

This fully immersive program was written by certified professionals with aviation and industry at the forefront. Our professional development teaches about regulations and includes hands-on flying with various flight scenarios and challenges. Participants will learn about everything from 2-D mapping and 3-D modeling to autonomous flight and video. Each person will receive a flight binder to input policies, procedures, privacy information, mission forms, maintenance records, and insurance forms. Participants will also be provided an FAA testing supplemental, which is the exact book issued during the FAA knowledge exam. Our first focus is to ensure maximum professional support and safety while participants learn to become commercial drone certified.

Pitsco Education - Our Programs - Grades 11-12 - FAA Certification - Program Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Professional development courses are facilitated by our chief pilots, who also have had experience teaching at the high school level. These facilitators build relationships with participants and coach participants in the various aspects of the program to encourage professional learning communities and promote student success by following our established set of learning objectives.

Experience Instant Success

Upon successful completion of your professional development session, participants will know how to operate drones safely in their school, what the FAA says about regulations, how to maintain a safe program, and, most of all, what it means to become an aviator.

Pitsco Education - Our Programs - Grades 11-12 - FAA Certification - Instant Success

It’s time to elevate your drone knowledge. We are just a call or click away and ready to prepare you for commercial drone operations.