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Goal-Based and Student-Driven Drone Curriculum

Elevate Learning with Drones

Our future is changing fast and we have no choice but to embrace it. We want to ensure our students and partners have a solid aviation foundation and critical-thinking skill sets to adapt to evolving innovations and challenges in the UAS industry. The CrossFlight curriculum was built with a STEM educator’s mind-set to meet student and industry partner needs. We are moving forward to help lead this era of change while maintaining safety and integrity in the aviation community. The sky is no longer the limit with drone technology.

Pitsco Education - Our Programs - Grades 11-12 - Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Our STEM-based curriculum has cross-curricular standards designed for student-driven instruction and learning in robotics and aviation. We use the GANAG approach throughout daily lesson plans and rubrics, which ensures easy and effective scoring and feedback for students. The GANAG model serves as a reliable way to keep educators and learners on track while clearly outlining expectations. Set the GOAL, ACCESS prior knowledge, introduce NEW information, APPLY new information, review mastery of the GOAL. Our curriculum covers all FAA Part 107 standards. It exposes students to multiple aviation careers and many others. Choose between the 40-hour self-study test prep course or the 150-hour full curriculum option. Multiple formats allow for seamless integration to your program.

Pitsco Education - Our Programs - Grades 11-12 - Standards Alignment

Standards Alignment

CrossFlight Sky Solutions has developed a flexible curriculum designed specifically to be taught in high schools for 11th- and 12th-grade students. This program is set up to be delivered by high school instructors and can be embedded into a variety of STEM/STEAM and other career and technology education curricula. We offer plenty of resources to create a full unit course.

This curriculum enables educators to adhere to the standards of the FAA while providing drone training for high school students in order to prepare them to take the FAA Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test. After passing this test, students will be commercially certified to fly drones. Our goal is that students have employable skills and talents to offer businesses and industry above and beyond their peers.

Why Our Curriculum Makes
Learning Take Flight

Aviation industry-focused approach
Fully immersive program written by certified professionals and former educators
Prepares students to take the FAA Part 107 certification exam
FAA standards throughout
Goal based and student driven

It’s time to take learning to new heights! We are just a call or click away and ready to help you craft a drone program that fits your unique needs. Meet and get connected with your sales rep for pricing and implementation options.

“As a STEM-based engineering instructor, I am always looking for ways to enhance opportunities for my students. My career center’s mission is “to prepare students for successful careers and post-secondary education through quality instruction,” and this curriculum fits the bill. I believe an Intro to Drones class is beneficial for more than just students wanting to be pilots. This emerging technology promises to be a benefit and serve several industries whether real estate, audio/video, criminal justice, firefighting, marketing, and engineering. Students with knowledge of this essential tool will have an edge over other job candidates in their field of study.”

– James Davis, engineering instructor, Williamston, South Carolina