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Engineering Bridges STEM PBL Unit

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STEM PBL Units enable students to make STEM connections locally and regionally by completing STEM projects and corresponding STEM PBL Activators. The framework of our STEM PBL Units includes a meaningful STEM challenge, authentic inquiry, student choice, applied development, and public engagement. Additionally, all STEM PBL Units contain 3-D printing connections, career connections, and alignment to the national career clusters.

In the Engineering Bridges STEM PBL Unit, students are challenged by completing any of the three Activators chosen by them or the teacher. PBL Activators available include Community Bridge, where students research places in their community where bridging supports are used; Pedestrian Path, where students research an area of high foot traffic (school grounds, park, and so on) where a bridge could help reduce the distance people have to walk; and Accessibility Across, where students find a local stream in a park or backyard and model a bridge to scale that would hold a 300 lb person in a wheelchair going across the bridge.

The unit comes with materials and equipment needed for a class of 24 students, a teacher’s guide containing activity details and instructions, and a guide with three STEM PBL Activators containing starter ideas, cross-curricular connections, a concept map, and career cluster alignment. A Getting Started with STEM PBL e-learning course comes with the purchase of a unit.

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Note: E-learning course access will be provided via email upon shipping confirmation.


Type: Multi-Student STEM Units and Courses Grades: 6-8


What You'll Get

  • Engineering Bridges STEM PBL Activators guide
  • Model Bridges Teacher’s Guide
  • Getting Started with STEM PBL e-learning course
  • Bridges Refill Pack (Balsa)
  • Structure Testing Device
  • 12 Timber Cutters
  • 6 Timber Testers
  • Storage bins
  • Labels

Learning Values

  • Forces
  • Materials science
  • Equilibrium
  • Design processes
  • Construction
  • Historical perspectives
  • Structural engineering
  • Technological design
  • Observations/analysis
  • Regular polygons
  • Geometric solids
  • Measuring angles/lengths


  • Length of Unit: 21-42 days
  • Tools and Materials Required: Sand or weights, foam board, pins, small clips, waxed paper, and tape

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