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Custom STEM Creator Pack

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Hands-on, minds-on learning can happen anywhere and everywhere! Looking for ways to bring fun hands-on activities to your classroom or home? This kit is customizable and allows you to choose the projects and topics that best fit your learner’s interests and needs! The STEM Creator Pack includes hands-on materials and curriculum with step-by-step instructions for children to build five exciting projects and complete 15 challenges and activities. Intended for sixth- through eighth-grade students, the STEM Creator Pack features activities across science, technology, engineering, and math that also incorporate reading, art, and more! All activities are completely hands on and will have your learners engaged for hours as they create, explore, invent, and, most importantly, have fun!

Opportunities are endless with the STEM Creator Pack! It can be used through learning at home, in the classroom, in a blended/hybrid environment, at summer camp, or in an after-school program.

Instructions in both English and Spanish!


Type: Project Kits Grades: 6-8


What You'll Get

Build your own box! Choose five of these projects:

  • Creating Catapults: Assemble and test a catapult’s accuracy and then develop your own game.
  • Creating Rolling Vehicles: Build, test, learn, and innovate with fold-up paper racers, and later add a balloon for jet power!
  • Creating Truss Bridges: Construct an initial truss bridge out of craft sticks, and then design a longer one and test its load-bearing capabilities.
  • Creating Inventions: Use the included materials to cycle through the engineering design process to first engineer a simple elevator and tractor pull, and later create your own invention!
  • Creating Friction Climbers: Construct a simple climbing mechanism and learn how friction makes it seem to defy gravity!
  • Creating Gliders: Gain a basic understanding of flight, and then construct and test a model hang glider.
  • Creating Roller Coasters: With help from kinetic and potential energy, construct a marble roller coaster with unlimited design possibilities!
  • Creating Zip Line Rockets: Create your own balloon-powered zip line rocket and analyze its performance.
  • Creating Pneumatic Lifts: Understand how pneumatics and mechanisms work by constructing and operating such mechanisms!
  • Creating Circuits: Experience the basics of electric circuits using graphite pencils and LEDs.



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