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Crumble Class Kit

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A cross-curricular STEM class kit for 30 students working in groups of three to design, build, test, and evaluate four different computer-controlled working models incorporating structural, mechanical, and electrical systems.

Students will apply their understanding of computing to programming and monitor and control their products, which include a colored spinner, LED traffic lights, chair-o-plane, and a light that comes on in the dark.

The Crumble controller is robust and easy to connect, uses a simple drag-and-drop programming language, and directly drives motors, lamps, and LEDs. The controller unit is reused for all four projects in order to keep costs to a minimum.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 6-8


What You'll Get

  • 10 Crumble controllers
  • 10 light-dependent resistors (LDR)
  • 10 micro USB cables
  • 10 motors
  • 10 corrugated plastic sheets
  • 20 wooden dowels
  • 10 motor mounts
  • 10 battery holders
  • 50 snap battery connectors
  • 80 crocodile leads
  • 30 LEDs (8 mm)
  • 24 craft rolls
  • 100 cardboard wheels (51 mm)
  • 10 pulleys (54 mm)
  • 10 bulb holders
  • 25 light bulbs
  • 10 motor pulleys
  • Rubber bands
  • Colorful gem stones




  • Students Served: 30 working in groups of 2-3
  • Compatibility: Windows XP SP3 or newer, Mac OX X 10.6 or newer
  • Note: NOT compatible with Chromebook
  • Tools and Materials Required: Batteries, pencils, rulers, scissors, glue gun; not included
  • Brand: TTS

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