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Employment Opportunities at Pitsco

Published February 18, 2011

Elementary Curriculum Specialist
Curriculum Specialists serve as the education and curriculum experts for Pitsco Education products, activities, curricula, and solutions (PACS). Their primary purposes are to write and produce content for the Pitsco Education PACS offerings. Curriculum Specialists are responsible for writing video scripts, audio scripts, on-screen text, and all support materials. Curriculum Specialists work with a team of instructional designers, graphic artists, editors, and quality assurance individuals to develop Pitsco offerings. Curriculum Specialists are members of the PACS Development Team and report to the Vice President of Education. View full details.

Video Coordinator
This position is responsible for helping tell the Pitsco story – of the company, educators, and students – through video, audio, and animation. Technical prowess, solid organizational and planning skills, and superb creativity with experience in all facets of video production are necessary. View full details.

Pick, package, and ship the correct materials and correct amounts of materials manually. View full details.

Apply today at employment@pitsco.com. Please include a resume and a cover letter for your application to be considered.

“Loved all the personal help and understanding of my situation and the brainstorming to solve my problems.”

– Armando Veloz, STEAM teacher, Rosemary Clarke Middle School, Pahrump, Nevada

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