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Employment Opportunities at Pitsco

Published September 29, 2021

Final Assembler
The Final Assembler modifies, rebuilds, repairs, or overhauls electronic components. Other duties include assembling finished products using subassemblies, parts, and fasteners according to specifications. View full details.

Kit Production Lead
The Kit Production Lead is responsible for TETRIX® robotics inventory. This position pulls raw material for in-house and outsourced kits. View full details.

Marketing Services Manager
The Marketing Services Manager is in charge of overseeing the company’s brand marketing efforts and marketing procedures, ensuring efficiency and smooth workflow. Responsibilities include developing promotional strategies, assessing the performance of staff, managing budgets, researching new marketing opportunities, analyzing data, and developing solutions to optimize marketing services and operations. View full details.

Picker/Packer I
The Picker/Packer I picks, packages, and ships the correct materials and correct amounts of materials manually. View full details.

Product Marketing Specialist
The Product Marketing Specialist ensures that the right customers are getting the right message through the right channels and represents the customer’s voice in product strategy discussions and decisions. As a marketing lead, this position plays a critical role in executing growth and marketing strategies to help the organization accomplish its goals. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of product strategy, growth marketing, positioning, and messaging, and have a track record of strong cross-functional collaboration. View full details.

Apply today at employment@pitsco.com. Please include a resume and a cover letter for your application to be considered.

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