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Sports Camera with Wi-Fi

SKU: W46701
$119.00 (USD)
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The TTS Sports Camera with Wi-Fi offers a modern, simple, and fun way to capture images. Track your robot’s movements to make a short film on the go.

It is ideal for teacher or pupil use thanks to the clear and easy-to-use buttons. In addition, use Wi-Fi to connect your tablet or mobile device, which can then act as a view finder and remote control. It comes with waterproof housing, selection of mounts, and wireless remote control.


Type: Materials and Supplies Grades: K-5


What You'll Get

  • 4K camera with Wi-Fi



  • Quantity: 1
  • Battery: 1050mAh
  • Video: 4K, 2.7K, 1080P60, 1080P30, 720P120
  • Other Products Required: Sports Camera Mount
  • Compatibility: To be mounted on InO-Bot, Pro-Bot, or Rugged Robot
  • Brand: TTS

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