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Smart Buddies

If you can see it,
you can be it.

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Highly Engaging

A recent pilot conducted in 10 elementary schools across the US showed high levels of engagement with both girls and boys, with teachers reporting that children opted to miss recess to continue coding.

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Interactive Storytelling

Combines imaginative yet real-life storytelling with coding and math-related subjects.

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Maximizes Learning Outcomes

Introduces the basics of computer science by covering sequences, functions, subroutines, and loops.

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Core Curriculum

Lesson plans are designed to meet US national standards such as ISTE-S and Common Core State Standards.

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STEM to Other Classes

Can cover multiple subjects, such as English, science, and mathematics.

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Social-Emotional Learning

Lessons include opportunities for discussion, debate, and reflection on important topics such as diversity, gender differences, and conflict resolution.

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Smart Buddies teaches coding to all

With Smart Buddies, Pitsco Education and SmartGurlz™ are working to change the traditionally portrayed aspects of what makes a scientist, programmer, or engineer – among other STEM fields – in order to allow more children relate to and visualize themselves in a STEM career. With a focus on storytelling, this coding solution leverages the Smart Buddies™ app where students are first introduced to their buddies – different role models who have interests in science, engineering, and the arts. Students are then exposed to the basics of block-based coding by controlling the movements of their characters on their Siggys in order to resolve a series of story-related challenges.