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KUBO Play Annual License 35 Seats

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KUBO Play is a digital simulation tool that teaches students the basics of coding. This program includes more than 100 game-like tasks covering all ISTE coding curriculum requirements for Grades K-5.

KUBO Play can be used on its own for digital learning, and it can be used alongside a physical KUBO robot for blended learning to reinforce coding concepts.

There are three modes of learning:

  • Free Play Mode provides a space for students to unfold their creativity, try out new ideas, and create their own code and stories.
  • Practice Mode enables students to strengthen their knowledge and practice the coding concepts they’ve learned.
  • Story Mode is the main coding journey presented through a story where KUBO meets and helps new friends.

KUBO Play delivers a unique learning management system that allows educators to:

  • Create classes
  • Register students
  • Assign online coding tasks to the class or individual students
  • Track learner progress

This package includes 35 one-year digital subscriptions to KUBO Play that can be utilized for teacher or student seats. Discounts are available for purchases of 100 or more seats – see our 100-seat KUBO Play Annual License option for more information.


Type: Activity Guides and Curriculum, Software Grades: K-5


What You'll Get

  • 35 KUBO Play seats that are good for one year, beginning from the initial registration date




  • Students Served: Up to 34. Note: The educator’s account is included in the 35 seats.
  • Subject Area Focus: Coding
  • Brand: KUBO

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