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Ray Catcher® Sprint Kit

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Featuring the Ray Catcher® Solar Panel (265.91 mm x 126.21 mm x 3 mm), this solar car kit contains all the official parts and meets the minimum specifications required by the Junior Solar Sprint competition. It includes the solar panel, the official electric motor, and a pair of small alligator clips for easy hookup. Chassis, wheels, and transmission are not included in this kit. Requires soldering iron and solder, hobby knife, cool-melt glue gun and glue, needle-nose pliers, and a ruler, sold separately.


Type: Project Kits Grades: 6-12




  • Assembly Method: hand tools, cool melt glue, soldering
  • Tools Required: hobby knife, cool melt glue gun, soldering iron and solder
  • Material: solar panel, electric motor

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