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TeacherGeek: Super Wiggle-Bot 10-Pack

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Watch your kids’ eyes widen with excitement as they create and bring to life their very own unique Wiggle-Bots: the lively little robots powered by an electric motor and a child’s imagination.

Bristle bots and cup robots all come out looking exactly the same. With TeacherGeek, each Wiggle-Bot turns out as unique as the kid that made it. Build and rebuild your Bot to do all sorts of cool stuff – make it race, scribble, or dance! The possibilities are endless. What’s more, the Super Wiggle-Bot activity comes with even more TeacherGeek building components for even more making.

Includes different documents for different ages. Some adult assistance is helpful for third graders.

TeacherGeek solves the frustrations of STEM/STEAM/makerspaces for teachers and kids:

  • READY-TO-GO PACKS – just hand them out and get started: pre-divided 10-packs include printed guides and plenty of extra parts
  • AMAZING EDITABLE CURRICULUM – award-winning, editable documents, videos, labs, challenges, and more get kids designing, investigating, and competing in challenges
  • STANDARDS ALIGNED – curriculum is teacher designed and aligned to NGSS, CCSS, ITEEA, and state standards
  • REAL ENGINEERING – kids actually design, test, redesign, and repeat; there’s no perfect design, so kids are never done making
  • REAL DATA – data so good kids can measure the effects of design changes, even using the data to complete optional science labs
  • RECYCLING BIN INNOVATION – recycling bin + TeacherGeek = even more creativity

TeacherGeek is not a toy; it’s way better! Kids love making real things, especially when they get to use age-appropriate tools.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs, Project Kits Grades: 3-8


What You'll Get

  • 10 hole plates
  • 20 strips
  • 20 screws
  • 20 nuts
  • 10 gear sets
  • 30 blocks
  • 10 battery holders
  • 10 motors with leads
  • 40 pieces steel wire (30 cm)
  • 80 dowels



  • Quantity: 10
  • Tools and Materials Required: TeacherGeek Tool Set (optional for more creative designs), AA battery, and tape

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