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TETRIX® PRIME Limited Edition Echo Robot Set

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Make teaching and learning engineering, robot construction, and programming simple and engaging. Created to support remote and blended learning, now for a limited time you can buy the Echo Robot Set. The set uses a limited number of TETRIX® PRIME building system structural and connector pieces so that students can quickly follow the graphical build steps in the downloadable guide to construct the Echo robot. The included PULSE® controller and ultrasonic sensor enable students to dive into block-based programming using the TETRIX Ardublockly software.

The digital guide includes four activities that include robot construction and programming DC motors and an ultrasonic sensor, plus two interwoven challenges designed to allow students to practice what they have just learned. Ending with a culminating challenge, the guide encourages students to put their knowledge to the test by re-engineering and reprogramming the Echo robot to meet the criteria and constraints of the task at hand. The activities and challenges cover 14 to 16 forty-five-minute class periods.

Not sure where to start? Use our FREE scope and sequence document that provides examples of how activities from the TETRIX PRIME Limited Edition Echo Robot Guide can be done in remote learning, blended learning, or in-class learning implementations. Plus, it includes new activities to extend learning to approximately 36 days!

Extend student learning! The Echo Reverb robot is an alternative build with four activities and one challenge, leading students through exciting tasks focused on the ultrasonic sensor. Content contained in the digitally delivered guide is anticipated to take eleven 45-minute class periods.


Type: Project Kits, Robotics Sets Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get



Learning Values

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Defining criteria and constraints
  • Force and motion
  • Observation and data
  • Coding
  • Construction processes
  • Design processes
  • Predicting outcomes
  • Testing and evaluating a solution
  • Defining problems
  • Design and creativity
  • Designing to specifications
  • Engineering design
  • Identifying components
  • Problem-solving
  • Computational thinking
  • Data analysis
  • Estimating
  • Logical reasoning
  • Measurements


  • Number of Pieces: 100+
  • Students Served: 1-2