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The Engineered Dragster: Sketching, Drafting, and Prototyping Teacher’s Guide

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Students start designing their own CO2 dragsters, produce a foam prototype of their dragsters, and then create a finished Custom Cruiser model. The culminating activity is to deliver a polished presentation about the process of creating the Custom Cruiser.

Through these activities and challenges, students learn about and apply several concepts:

  • Thumbnail sketches
  • Scaling
  • Orthographic drawings
  • Drafting and tools for drafting
  • Modeling

Student materials in the guide are reproducible for distribution in your classroom.

Equipment and materials needed to complete guide activities include the Pitsco Custom Cruiser 25-Pack, digital scale, measuring tape, Roll Test Ramp, drafting board, T square, 30°/60°/90° triangle, compass, drafting pencil or lead holder, French curve, sandpaper sharpener, freehand hot-wire cutter, acrylic spray paint, hand drill with 1/8" bit, carving tools, drill press, band saw, safety glasses, digital camera and digital video camera, photo- and video-editing software, presentation software (PowerPoint), plastic wheels, straws, steel axles, modeling clay, expanded polystyrene foam blank, drafting tape, balsa wood sealer, and standard classroom tools and materials. Note: This list is for all activities; individual activities don’t require all listed materials.


Type: Activity Guides and Curriculum/Teacher's Guides Grades: 6-12




  • Author: William Holden
  • Pages: 77
  • Binding: Paperback/spiral-bound
  • ISBN: 978-1-58651-950-6
  • Copyright: 2010
  • Publisher: Pitsco, Inc.
  • Series: The Engineered Dragster