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Green Architecture: Living, Design, and Construction

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The world is getting serious about green, but what does “green” really mean? In the updated and expanded second edition of his book Green Architecture: Living, Design, and Construction, Paul Wallach provides some solid and often surprising answers.

Readers learn why many green products aren’t really green, why replacing their stuff with new green stuff is not always a good idea, and how a commitment to living green affects every aspect of our lives from our choice of building materials and home design to the lighting, appliances, interiors, and even landscaping we select.

Supported by tables, charts, and statistics, the book also examines the alarming and increasing number of toxic chemicals found in everyday products – chemicals that pose a long-lasting threat to public health and make the pollution inside our homes much worse than the air outside. The rationale for continuing to use these chemicals and what consumers can do about it makes for lively reading.

Retained from the first edition are in-depth descriptions of four environmentally friendly residential construction methods – rammed earth, earth sheltered, steel, and straw bale – and an extensive list of toxic materials found in most houses, their chemical components, effects on the environment and humans, and alternatives to the materials.

For any classroom intent on teaching about green, this affordable, thought-provoking, amply illustrated book is an excellent choice.


Type: Books



  • Author: Paul Ross Wallach
  • Pages: 87
  • Binding: Spiral-bound
  • Copyright: 2005/2008
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: Hearlihy
  • Level: Level: High School-Adult

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