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Tello Talent Drone 10-Pack

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From capturing beautiful aerial photography to assisting with dangerous search and rescue missions, drones represent one of the world’s fastest-growing and most exciting technologies. Now, you can bring the thrilling experience of flying drones along with everything that goes into successfully introducing these machines to your students.

An upgraded version of the Tello EDU, the Tello Talent is safe to fly both indoors and in windless conditions outdoors. It delivers powerful flight performance with a compact footprint and uses the cutting-edge DJI flight control algorithms to ensure flight safety and stability.

It includes a 5 MP HD camera, which delivers smooth and stable flight images. The drone utilizes a safety-first design including blade protection, precise hovering, and low-battery alarming. The Tello Talent is capable of swarms, light shows, distance measurement, obstacle avoidance, and intelligent awareness. Students can start by using the remote control features of the Tello app and transition to graphical programming, Python®, and other coding languages for multi-drone formation programming. It’s also an excellent tool to teach AI applications.

Station mode is also supported, which means multiple Tello Talent devices can be connected to the same Wi-Fi router, receive programming code instructions, and provide feedback, implementing status synchronization and control of multiple drones. This enables you to use the drone for various purposes during teaching, competition, or performance.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • 10 Tello Talent Drones with LED matrix module attachment
  • 30 batteries
  • 10 charging hubs
  • 60 propellers
  • 60 propeller guards
  • 10 propeller removal tools
  • 40 Mission pads
  • 10 USB cables
  • 5 colorful snap-on covers (blue)
  • 5 colorful snap-on covers (yellow)
  • 5 colorful snap-on covers (white)
  • Pelican outer carton carrying case


  • Students Served: 2-3 per drone
  • Device Compatibility: Tello EDU app requires a tablet, smartphone, or a combination of a smart device with the T1d Controller in order to operate.
  • Drone Weight: 87 g (including propellers and battery)
  • Drone Dimensions: 98 mm × 92.5 mm × 41 mm
  • Drone Flight Time: 13 minutes without extension accessories; 8 minutes with extension accessories
  • Drone Max Speed: 17.8 mph
  • Drone Max Flight Distance: 100 m
  • Drone Max Flight Height: 30 m
  • Drone Operating Temperature: 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Note from the Manufacturer: Buyers of this item are expected to have the knowledge of how to properly use the products, including their obligations under applicable laws and regulations.