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Feeling overwhelmed trying to find activities and guides to fit the standards and grade level that you need? The Standards Navigator is a tool you can use to find Pitsco Education’s teacher guides, MATH Connections, and other activities that meet specific standards.

Using the Navigator:

  1. Choose the Grade Level from the options on the left in the table below. You can only select one grade at a time.
  2. Select the desired Standards Body for the grade level chosen from the option in the center of the table below. Again, you can only select one option at a time.
  3. Click the View Products button on the right.

Or, if you view a product and see the View Standards button, you can view the standards covered by that product by following these steps:

  1. Click the View Standards button and a Standards Navigator page for that product will open.
  2. Click the desired Grade Level and Standards Body and any standards under that category will show up in the right column. Click the arrow to expand the standards explanation.
  3. To check another set of standards, select a new Grade Level and/or Standards Body and click Refresh. The new standards will again appear in the right column.
  4. If the product’s standards meet your needs, click the Purchase button on the left under the product description.

Note: Standards are for Grades 6-12. Not all Pitsco activities are correlated. Not all state standards are aligned. Check for availability. Pitsco will continue to update the Standards Navigator as more activities and guides are correlated.

Grade Level

Standards Body