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Solar Oven

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Let each student build and take home a solar oven – this affordable kit is a great way to get students thinking of everyday applications for solar energy. Use the kit to demonstrate heat gain, heat loss, and the second law of thermodynamics.

Students can toast up s’mores, nachos, and other small treats with the 13-1/4" x 10-1/2" x 6" oven. Requires scissors or hobby knife, glue stick, and transparent tape, sold separately. Caution: Oven might not get hot enough to safely cook products containing egg.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs, Project Kits Grades: 6-12


What You'll Get

  • Thin foam sheets
  • Solar oven foil sheets
  • Basswood sheets
  • Transparency sheets
  • Black aluminum foil
  • 120 paper clips
  • Solar Oven Kit User Guide

Learning Values

  • Solar energy
  • Reflection
  • Adsorption
  • Social impacts
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Modeling
  • Thermal energy
  • Data analysis and predictions
  • Measurements
  • Efficiency
  • Angles


  • Students Served: 30
  • Assembly Method: Gluing and taping
  • Dimensions: 13-1/4" x 10-1/2" x 6"
  • Tools and Materials Required: Scissors or hobby knife, glue sticks, and transparent tape

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