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UKIT Advanced Class Pack

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The UKIT Advanced Class Pack serves 12 teams of two students, offering each group of students their own UKIT Advanced to work with. UKIT Advanced offers a new, more free-thinking approach to robotics and STEM topics as students advance through concepts in late middle school or high school. The UKIT Advanced offers new challenges and introduces new tools and more complex concepts for budding engineers, programmers, and future roboticists.

Designed to supplement high school course curricula, this kit provides in-depth instruction on the mechanics, electronics, and programming behind high-tech, humanlike robots. The advanced capabilities of the UKIT configurations inspire in students the creativity, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills they need to be successful in college and beyond.

  • Precise servos operate at a fraction of a movement, allowing for more humanlike mobility.
  • Advanced, Arduino-compatible computing modules enable robots to perform more complex tasks.
  • Multiple sensors for sound, touch, and light, along with a complete circuitry kit, encourage custom builds and inventions.

Educators need powerful support to help students excel in STEM+C disciplines. UBTECH Education’s supplemental curricula complement our robotics solutions by introducing, reinforcing, and integrating STEM+C and AI concepts, making topics such as engineering and computer science exciting, accessible, and relevant for all learners.

Our materials address the engineering gaps found in most STEM curricula, and our detailed teacher guides and lesson plans provide educators the support they need to feel confident working robotics lessons into the rhythm of their instruction.


Our UKIT Advanced curriculum offers an open-ended approach to robotics and STEM topics as students advance to late middle school or high school. Using the enhanced uCode software, students access three-dimensional, 360-degree models and step-by-step instructions for creating more challenging builds, and new tools, sensors, and parts encourage student-led exploration and creativity.

The uCode block-based programming environment for UKIT Advanced makes it easy for educators and students to build, program, and interact with their UKIT projects.

  • Block-based, drag-and-drop, or text-based (Java, C/C++) programming system
  • Staging area allows students to prep and monitor their programmed actions
  • Flexible functionality lets students imagine and design their own models

Arduino Software (IDE)

The Working with Circuits curriculum provides an introduction to the complete circuitry kit included with UKIT Advanced. Detailed tutorials and 15 circuitry activities with sample codes familiarize students with the fundamentals of circuitry and electrical engineering. Students use the Arduino Software (IDE) to interact and program the UKIT microcontroller and expand their coding skills to text-based programming using C/C++.

The UKIT Advanced programming board is also fully compatible with the Arduino programming environment. The Arduino Software (IDE) is an open-source platform that allows users to write programs and upload to multiple microcontrollers.


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs Grades: 9-12


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