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The HOT Plan™

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After an initial failure as a small-town high school track coach, Harvey Dean, EdD, CEO and founder of the STEM education leader Pitsco, Inc., discovered the key that would unlock success for his team. Using this key, Dean tapped the real potential of each runner. Ordinary, inexperienced athletes became champions in just three years.

The key, Dean says, is moving the locus of responsibility from the person in charge to the people responsible for the work. When the locus of responsibility is moved from the coach to the player, from the teacher to the student, or from management to employees, exceptional achievement follows close behind. But how is this done?

The HOT Plan™ shows you how and will unlock the potential of any business or organization. The book is a fun read, with plenty of stories, how-tos, charts, and lists. It also offers a rich list of additional resources and independently conducted research to verify the method’s success.

A bonus: If you are looking for a way to make your workplace more millennial friendly, The HOT Plan can help. Under the HOT Plan, employees to have more input and influence in their work. The system lends itself to challenge, gamification, and rewards while cementing company priorities in the minds of all departments. The HOT Plan shows the way to update your workplace culture to fit today’s marketplace and generational changes.


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