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TETRIX® MAX TorqueNADO Motor Gearboxes

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Need more speed? The NEW 40:1 and 20:1 TETRIX® TorqueNADO® Motor Gearboxes give more rpm when compared to the 60:1 gearbox included with the TorqueNADO Motor. These gearboxes are designed with the same 37 mm diameter as the original 60:1 gearbox, while using the same 6 mm D-shaft and alignment pins, so getting the additional speed you need is a breeze.

The 40:1 gearbox provides one and a half times more rpm, equivalent to approximately 150 output rpm for the TorqueNADO, while the 20:1 gearbox provides three times more rpm, equivalent to approximately 300 output rpm. Both result in a reduction of power or torque.

Comes prelubricated and includes three mounting screws.

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Type: Robotics Elements/Motion Elements Grades: 9-12
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  • Shaft: 6 mm D shaft
  • Diameter: 37 mm