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TeacherGeek: Wind Lift 10-Pack

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Experience the power of wind. Design and build a Wind Lift that can capture it. The Wind Lift uses energy from the wind to raise a bucket. Engineer one to lift a heavy load or raise the bucket with speed.

The Wind Lift makes learning about wind power, energy, mechanical advantage, torque, work, and other scientific concepts fun and understandable. Grow your understanding with the Wind Lift lab and through experimentation. Follow the engineering design process to create your own unique Wind Lift.

Use found (recycling bin) materials to create the Wind Lift blades. Attach the blades to sticks (included) and mount them to the turbine hub. The hub holds one to six turbine blades and enables you to adjust blade angles. Learn how the shape, number, and angle of turbine blades affects output of your Wind Lift. You will have plenty of extra parts to try different designs. This activity is a real pick-me-up.

What else will you need for this activity?

  • TeacherGeek Tool Set – This can be reused and shared by students.
  • Materials for blades (cereal boxes, chipboard, recyclables), tape, scissors
  • Fan


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs, Project Kits Grades: 3-12




  • Quantity: 10