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Architectural Styles, Second Edition

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From quaint Cotswald cottages of 11th-century England to minimally ornamented American contemporary structures, Architectural Styles presents the historic and modern characteristics of more than 90 architectural styles from all over the world. Scores of architectural drawings illustrate the primary characteristics of each style and show how most structures borrow characteristics from several different styles to achieve a new eclectic design. This second edition includes a large pictorial glossary, brief looks at prominent modern architects, and more.

Architectural Styles will help your students understand the historical development of architecture, recognize the key characteristics of major styles, and identify each style’s geographic origin and approximate date of development.


Type: Books Grades: 6-12




  • Author: Paul Ross Wallach
  • Pages: 96
  • Binding: Spiral-bound
  • Copyright: 2003-2013
  • Edition: Second
  • Publisher: Hearlihy
  • Level: Middle School-High School

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