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Building Big Five-DVD Set (DVD)

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The award-winning author, illustrator, and storyteller David Macaulay goes to extremes with five really big adventures that explore the greatest human-made wonders of the world. The series introduces their courageous creators and builders and reveals the deadly disasters and personal triumphs behind these breathtaking structures. Spectacular film footage, dramatic re-creations, and Macaulay’s unique illustrations excite, explain, and entertain in a big way.

Building Big Bridges

Tower above the clouds on the Golden Gate, build the Brooklyn Bridge, and explore Europe’s groundbreaking spans.

Building Big Dams

See how dams change not only the course of rivers but also the course of history in an adventure that reaches from the top of the Hoover Dam to the banks of the Nile.

Building Big Domes

Explore 2,000 years of architectural wonders including the Houston Astrodome, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the geodesic domes of Buckminster Fuller, and more.

Building Big Skyscrapers

Go to the top of the skyline for tall tales about Chicago’s Sears Tower, New York’s Empire State Building, and Malaysia’s record-setting Petronas Towers.

Building Big Tunnels

Be a mole in Boston’s “Big Dig,” see how the Chunnel was built, travel back to 1920 to learn how the Holland Tunnel was constructed, and meet the engineer who designed London’s subway system.

Bonus: At the conclusion of each video, stay tuned as Kenny and Caroline from the PBS show ZOOM present a hands-on activity for building scaled-down structures from common household items such as straws, masking tape, and newspaper. Written instructions are also included in the video package.


Type: Educational DVDs Grades: 6-12



  • Closed-Captioned: Yes
  • Format: NTSC
  • Media: DVD
  • ISBN: 1-59375-198-2
  • Copyright: 2004, 2000
  • Publisher: WGBH Boston Video
  • Length: 327 minutes on five DVDs. Approximately 60 minutes each

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