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Toothpick Bridges Elementary STEM Activity Guide

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Building toothpick bridges is a great activity for elementary students to complete. This elementary guide is written for Grades 3-5. With these fun activities, students grasp a variety of subjects including types of bridges, bridge design, Newton’s laws, effects of weather, and bridge geography.

The Toothpick Bridges Elementary STEM Activity Guide contains Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core mathematics and English language arts standards addressed; teacher and student instructions for math, science, and engineering activities; assessment questions; and student pages. This guide contains two guided inquiry lessons and a culminating engineering challenge where students apply concepts learned in their inquiry lessons.

Equipment and materials needed to complete guide activities include the Pitsco Toothpick Bridges – Getting Started Package or Try This: Toothpick Bridge Kit, quick-drying glue, waxed paper, graph paper, toothpicks, rulers, notebooks, toy cars, sticky notes, colored pencils, and standard classroom tools and materials. Note: This list is for all activities; individual activities don’t require all listed materials.


Type: Activity Guides and Curriculum/Teacher's Guides Grades: 3-5




  • Author: Aimee Allen
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 21
  • Publisher: Pitsco, Inc.
  • Copyright: 2015
  • Number of Lessons: 3
  • Number of Worksheets: 3

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