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Speed Tracker

SKU: W26634
A Pitsco Exclusive
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This multipurpose timing system can be invaluable in timing maglev, mousetrap, electric, elastic, gravity, air-powered, and even CO2-powered vehicles.

The Speed Tracker is made of polycarbonate pieces that fit together to make start and finish gates. Assembly requires no tools. The finish gate can be placed up to 80' away from the start gate. The track’s sensor beams shine through precut holes within the finish gate to time the vehicles, and then the velocities are displayed on the timing box. Velocities can be displayed in seconds (0.001 resolution), meters per second, feet per second, kilometers per hour, or miles per hour. Sensor beam heights are adjustable for use with a variety of vehicles.

The kit includes all necessary wiring, a roll of monofilament line to keep vehicles on track, the polycarbonate start and finish gates, and a timing display box. The Speed Tracker is easily stored and is great for anything on wheels!

Note: This system only times a one-vehicle lane. Not compatible with solar vehicles.


Type: Tools and Equipment/Launching and Testing Grades: 3-12



  • Dimensions: 12" W x 16" H. Car opening 11" W x 10" H

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