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SpaceShipOne Foamie Glider

A Pitsco Exclusive
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Bring aerospace history into the classroom with this fun foam flyer. SpaceShipOne won the XPRIZE for being the first ship to achieve a private space flight. Now, your students can easily build a foam glider version of the trailblazing vehicle.

Comes with two decal options: the ship during the first private space flight or during the second and third flights.

Each kit comes with a foam parts sheet and fuselage, a decal sheet, and two nose weight clips. The user guide includes history of SpaceShipOne and the XPRIZE as well as assembly instructions. No tools required.


Type: Project Kits Grades: 3-8
SKU: W38916




  • Tools Required: none
  • Material: Foam, decal, metal

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