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Finch Robot

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Developed at Carnegie Mellon for use in education, the Finch Robot will capture the attention of your computer scientists, robot enthusiasts, and everyday learners. Designed to enable students to learn coding through robotics, the Finch Robot features the following:

  • Light, temperature, and obstacle sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Motors
  • Buzzer
  • Full-color beak LED
  • Pen mount for drawing capability

The Finch Robot engages students at a young age as they experience hands on what computer science has to offer, including interactive programming. From reacting to stimuli to speaking, drawing, and beyond, the Finch carries out your students’ instructions as they witness the fruit of their efforts.

Finch Robot comes pre-built and ready for programming. Can be used on multiple platforms and with 20 different programming languages (see list and grade-level suggestions at Coding with the Finch will provide a solid foundation in computer programming and facilitate further learning experiences (including more complex programming) involving other robotics systems.

Connects to USB port.


Type: Project Kits Grades: 6-12


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