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Banty Roaster Solar Cooker

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Cousin to our Der Wiener Roaster, the Banty Roaster solar cooker is smaller but demonstrates the same practical use of solar energy – and it’s easier on the wallet.

Using its parabolic surface, the cooker redirects the Sun’s rays to roast precooked cocktail sausages wrapped in foil and placed in the cooking tube. Within minutes, students get a tasty example of solar energy.

Dimensions are 8" wide and 12" tall, and it has a collector surface area of 95 square inches. Cooking tube inside diameter is 11/16". Includes tinted acrylic pieces, styrene parabolic surface, hardware, and user guide for building the roaster. Assembly requires basic tools and cool-melt glue, sold separately.


Type: Tools and Equipment Grades: 6-12



  • Size: 8" wide, 12" tall

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