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The Gunslinger

SKU: W41651
A Pitsco Exclusive
$27.50 (USD)
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A rubber band-powered racer that was designed to come to an instant stop with its onboard automatic braking system. The secret to the Gunslinger design is the wing nut locking system; a wing nut travels along a threaded axle until it locks against the frame, causing the vehicle to come to an instant stop. This braking system is consistently accurate to within 1 cm of just about any distance from one to 20 m.

This kit includes:

  • Pulley launch system
  • Top-secret braking system
  • High-grip tire treads
  • Lightweight balsa wood
  • Brass tubing axles
  • Precut and predrilled parts
  • Doc Fizzix’s easy-wind, snag-free propulsion system


Type: Project Kits Grades: 6-12


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