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TeacherGeek: Hydraulic Claw 10-Pack

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Create a hydraulic claw that can pick up objects. Move the control cylinder and watch the claw open and close below. Example claw designs get you started, but the final claw design is up to you. Learn about fluid power, mechanical advantage, ratios, and the engineering process. Customize your claw to pick up specific objects (worms, marshmallows, balls, and so on).

Possible claw challenges are (1) to compete on a playing field, moving balls or marshmallows with claws to score points; (2) to use your claw to gather as many components from a toxic environment, or marshmallows from an area where hands cannot reach, within a time limit; (3) or to use your claw to stack blocks.

What else will you need for this activity?

  • TeacherGeek Tool Set – This can be reused and shared by students.
  • Other materials (recycling bin stuff or whatever else you have available), tape, scissors


Type: Multi-Student Project Packs, Project Kits Grades: 3-12




  • Quantity: 10

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