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Straw Rocket (DVD)

A Pitsco Exclusive
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Whether you want to show students how to design and launch rockets or see how to maintain the Straw Rocket Launcher, this video covers it all! Includes:

  • Rocket design and construction with reminders to consider variables such as rocket length, fin shape, and nose cone size
  • Launching your rocket
  • Maintaining the launcher
  • Activity testing the trajectory angle’s effect on the rocket’s flight
  • Newton’s laws of motion and how they apply to the activity
  • STEM concepts used in the activity


Type: Educational DVDs Grades: K-12
SKU: W59993



  • Closed-Captioned: Yes
  • Media: DVD
  • Copyright: 2011
  • Publisher: Pitsco, Inc.
  • Length: 31 minutes

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