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3-D Art STEM Boost Kit

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Looking to give your learner a STEM boost? This kit will flex each student’s creative muscles and support their know-how!

The 3-D Art Kit has everything for one elementary student to engage with art in motion. They’ll complete real-world, hands-on challenges as they follow the age-appropriate, step-by-step instructions in the included guide (provided in both English and Spanish). Each student follows along, gaining background knowledge, completing writing prompts, and – the fun part – using the included parts to design, test, and improve their own creations and convey messages.

Because the kit is student facing, facilitator subject-matter experts are not required. This is a great supplement or extension for core coursework that can bring relevance to in-class, out-of-school, or at-home learning. The STEM content, engagement, and fun are all found right here!


Type: Project Kits Grades: 3-5


What You'll Get

  • 2 student guides: one in English and one in Spanish
  • Supplies to engineer pop-up cards and 3-D messages


  • Students Served: 1