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Wright Bat Kit

SKU: W58815
$8.50 (USD)
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When the Wright brothers received their first flying gadget, they called it a “bat” for the way it wound up and flew in the air. Now, you can experience a replica of that original flyer with this kit, a model that can fly up to 30 feet in the air. Built from plastic pieces and a large rubber band, this kit is easy to assemble and takes only a few minutes to snap together. The Wright Bat Kit requires no cutting or gluing and has a durable construction that works indoors or outdoors. Simply wind it up and set it loose to discover what those early inventors of flight experienced when they were young.


Type: Project Kits Grades: 3-12


Latex Warning: This product contains latex and when in contact with skin it might result in an allergic reaction.


  • Skill Level: 1
  • Dimensions: length: 11.5", rotor diameter: 9.75"
  • Note: This product contains latex.

Skill Levels for Model Airplanes

Skill Level 1 – No experience needed for building or flying. Ages 8-11.

Skill Level 2 – Some building experience needed but little flying experience required. Ages 8-14.

Skill Level 3 – Much building experience needed and some flying experience required. Ages 12-18.

Skill Levels 4 & 5 – Much building and flying experience required. Ages 12-18.